Schreiber Farms is a Tri-Cities based, organic (mostly) producer of a very diverse array of fruits, vegetables and herbs.  Our harvest season will start around April 7 (weather dependent) with asparagus harvest.  The items we will have are: 

  •    Field run* green asparagus, conventional
  •    Field run* purple asparagus, conventional
  •    Packed green asparagus, conventional
  •    Packed purple asparagus, conventional
  •    Packed green asparagus, organic
  •    Packed purple asparagus, organic
  •    Packed white asparagus, conventional

The price for field run asparagus is $1 a pound, the price for packed conventional asparagus is $2 a pound.  The price for packed green and purple asparagus is $3 a pound.  The price for packed white asparagus is $5 a pound.

Minimum orders are $100.  We are available to deliver on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and have not decided on what day we are doing deliveries so we would like feedback on when this would work for you.  We plan to send you a list every Monday on what we have for that week and a prediction for what we will have the following week.

In mid to late April, we will start offering additional items and by July or August, we will probably have over 100 items for you to choose from.  Please call the office at 509 266 4348 or email


Let us know of your interest.


Your Farmer,


Alan Schreiber


*Field run means it has been washed, but not sized or sorted and will retain the white butts and is sold in lugs containing roughly 25 pounds of asparagus.  Packed asparagus has been washed, sized, sorted, trimmed, bundled and comes in 11 pound boxes.

To place your order, please use the Contact section to call or email me directly.


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