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Schreiber & Sons Farm

What is going on at the farm. 

We are planting like crazy….in the greenhouse for transplants for April and May, this week brings the first plantings in the field.  This year we are growing asparagus, colored bell peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, melons, watermelon and Napa cabbage for the wholesale market and about 300 different items for the local markets.  It is a staggering logistical undertaking to get all of the seeds ordered, figuring which to plant in the greenhouse versus direct seed in the field, how many seeds to plant, when to plant and on and on and on.  How many Brussels sprouts can I sell this year….most years I lose them to aphids, so this year, I am growing them conventionally so I can use some better products for aphid control.   How much purple cauliflower will folks want?  I am trying a very cool and unusual Italian heirloom onion.  I tried a couple varieties at the Farmers Markets last year in a limited fashion and they sold out very quickly.   This year I have expanded on both the volume and the diversity of types.    Just the names of them make me swoon, Bianca di Maggic and Red Long of Tropea.  Every year I try to improve the mix, adding more of what people like, and find some new and interesting items. 

I am going back to adding slicing cucumbers, pickling cucumbers and lemon cucumbers.   I could not afford to pay folks to pick cucumbers and sell them at an amount that would pay for the cost of labor.  However, it seems that most other folks felt the same way as there were very few cucumbers at the market last year and people kept asking for them.  We’ll see if I can grow some and charge a fair price that will cover my costs.

What to expect this year. 

We plan to be at the PNNL farmers market on Tuesdays, the Kennewick market on Thursdays, the Richland market on Fridays, and the Pasco market on Saturdays.  You can buy produce at the farm.  You can make special orders by emailing or calling the farm to pick up at the markets.  By ordering ahead you can get a discount (for orders over $30) and you are more likely to get the popular items that sell out.  If you buy over a $100 worth of produce, we can deliver it to you.  We will have some new faces at the markets.  You can spot us at the market with the wooden bushel baskets and the overflowing tables of produce. 

We are planting more seeds this year than we have in a few years because we have some awesome items of produce, we sure hope you all show up to buy it.

Your Farmer,


Alan Schreiber


We will have a wide array of mostly organic produce available.

There are several advantages to this approach:

· Buy only the produce you want.

· Only buy produce when you want it.

· It reduces transportation outputs by half.

· You have flexibility on the days and time you can pick up your produce.

· Buy produce at 25% below market price.

· You still get to keep in touch with our farm and keep your own personal farmer.

If you are interested in getting fresh, local and organic produce, now is the time to start signing up for the 2018 summer season. 

Please contact us at or call 509-266-4348.

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