Schreiber & Sons Farm

Buy Local - Eat Healthy

it all starts with a seed

                                                                                                Schreiber & Sons Farm is located 16 miles                                                                                                     north of Pasco, 0.25 miles east of the                                                                                                             intersection of Taylor Flats and Ringold                                                                                                         Road. Alan Schreiber grew up on a farm in                                                                                                   Missouri with three crops: corn, soybeans                                                                                                     and alfalfa. He received his Ph.D. in                                                                                                                 entomology and after working for EPA in                                                                                                       Washington D.C., came west to work as a                                                                                                     researcher and professor for Washington                                                                                                     State University.  Alan has always been                                                                                                         amazed at the diversity of crops grown in                                                                                                     this area.

In 1998, Alan established Agriculture Development Group, Inc.,(ADG) an agriculture research and consulting company. ADG has been conducting research on about 30 commodities each year on a 100-acre farm near Eltopia.

In 2004, Schreiber & Sons was established to grow and market commercial crops including eggplant and okra.

The production end of the business was established to address an unmet demand for locally grown specialty produce in the Pacific Northwest.  In 2004, we grew okra and over 30 varieties of eggplant for Northwest distribution. A large portion of our crop went to upscale restaurants and retailers in Western Washington and Oregon.  In 2006 a group of local consumers asked us to grow a wider array of produce specifically for them.  We were pleased to meet this demand and added about 40 crops to our production repertoire. Most items did surprisingly well in our area! Since then we have continued to grow, and grow over 300 different crops/varieties at our farm.

Alan's sons Drew and Julian grew up working with their dad on the farm and have even set up their own vegetable stand on occasion.